Reviewing the representations of capitalism and socialism in mainstream superhero comics.

Disclaimer: This article is not based on a subreddit forum. Neither is it fan theory based on plot holes from comic books/films.

Interest in writing about superhero socialism began after reading a dissection on Superman’s political beliefs. It is widely accepted that the all American superhero fights for truth, justice, and the American Way. He does so with such an undying passion for the American system, and through that, his blind faith in the tenets of capitalism.

Despite doing (somewhat) extensive research on Batman (and coming across some crazy…

What internalised misogyny looked like in my teenage years.

This article was inspired by a diary entry written years ago, it’s dedicated to a 14 year old me (who thankfully now knows better).

In a world of similarity, where imitation is human instinct, being called ‘unique’ and ‘different’ is often seen as a compliment. We all want to be true to ourselves, not a slavish follower of societal expectations. So why would it be misogynistic for teenage me to once claim that I was different from other girls?

This article is a dissection of a diary entry I wrote as…

A short essay that may or may not be of interest to you (and I say that with content — trust me).

As a lover of film and cinema, it would be an understatement to say that I am influenced by the themes on screen. Countless times as a teenager I acted out movie scenes, predicted how my life was going to go based on a plot I was obsessed with. I even justified toxic actions of the people in my life (or became a toxic person) just so I could cling onto a narrative. …

The neuroscience of infatuation and its implication in modern relationships.

It all started after my birthday (which marks the end of Halloween and beginning of Christmas), when I felt that annual urge to watch 2003 Christmas Classic ‘Love Actually’. As a person who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, I still take joy in watching any film with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

It’s gotten to the point where I now acknowledge most 2000’s romantic films for what they are (unrealistic and mostly written by men who already have a failed narrative of women). However, rewatching this film for the umpteenth time…

Exploring the complexities of luxury, lifestyle and the race against climate change.

Disclaimer: I should start off by declaring that I support the fight against climate change and remain to be conscious of my ecological stewardship. The intention of this article is to merely contribute to the debate about environmentalism and social justice. Additionally, I do not have the answers to all the questions posed in this article. Rather, I hope my words provoke a conversation between friends and family.

The breadth of literature I read surrounding classism and privilege in society still did not equip me enough to handle a brief conversation with a friend in the library. I had complimented…

This article is dedicated to everyone who is already sick of hearing me talk about data mining and is finally excited that I’ve extended my frustration beyond the notes section on my phone.

I have to say it’s gotten to the point where people have regretted asking me why I don’t have a TikTok account as I keep rambling on while they roll their eyes. Sometimes I think about where it all began but there’s really no end and beginning to this story. As I grew older, the level of care I’ve given to this topic simultaneously grew with the…

Central to the entire exploration of this article is the concept of racial homogeneity. Race is categorised by a group of humans who share similar physical qualities and are viewed as distinct by society. Whereas homogeneity stems from the word homogenous, which in the context of this article refers to uniformity of the teaching demographic within the UK primary setting . Racial homogeneity in this article thus refers to the predominance of primary teachers in the UK being of the same race.

In 2018, the Department for Education recorded that 85.9% of all teachers from state-funded schools in England were…

Sumeiya Aden

Educator| Graduate. Political and social commentary.

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